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Pain Management

Using a holistic approach, Dr. Cheema treats symptoms of pain as well as the root cause of chronic pain conditions. Dr. Cheema treats each patient on an individual basis, prescribing customized medication regimens when needed, and also coordinating physical therapy using the widest range of modalities. Procedures and treatments used include: horizontal therapy, nerve block, facet joint injections, acupressure, spinal cord stimulation, discography trigger point injections, radio frequency nerve ablation and epidural injections.

Pain Management

Do you suffer from any of these?

Neck Pain
Lower Back Pain
Joint Aches & Pains

Shoulder Pain
Mid-Back Pain
Nerve Damage Pain
Shingles Pain

Muscle Strain
Joint Ache Pains
Scar Pain
Phantom Limb Pain

Musculoskeletal Pain
Extremity Pain
Cancer Pain
Chronic Migraines

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