Pain Management

Whether your experiencing new symptoms or have been struggling with chronic pain for years we can help.

Dr. Cheema and his staff utilize a 360 degree diagnosis method to provide long term solutions that are safe and address the root cause of pain and not just the symptoms.


Physical Therapy

No matter what you’re recovering from our expertly trained and certified staff will help you successfully navigate your road to recovery.

Using a one-on-one format that focus on your individual needs, let us help you get back on track today.


Weight Loss

Don’t let unwanted weight sabotage your quality of life or long term health.

Since being over weight is a main contributor to pain related health issues, Dr. Cheema has developed a cutting edge medical weight loss program that provides serious results, fast.


Smoking Cessation

With over 70% of smokers reporting a desire to stop smoking, but less than 7% succeeding on their first try, this is one of the toughest habits to kick.

The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Through a quick an painless procedure created by Dr. Cheema you can join the many other patients who have successfully quit smoking.

Have Questions?

Our expert staff would love to help! Contacting us is just a click or call away.